TV News Style Video: My Experience

As of writing this post (Friday), I still have yet to go out and shoot film for my TV News segment. Even so, I feel confident about my ability to finish the project- I have two plans in case one falls through. Although I still have yet to shoot, I think I can still speak a little about my experience planning the project so far and how I hope it will go this afternoon given my experience with the 5 shot sequence.

The days leading up to this weekend have been a little nerve wracking for me as I’ve tried to figure out what to do for my segment. On top of that, the equipment lab is changing its hours for homecoming and our class has been a little disorganized with the shuffling around of due dates. So it’s been a pretty stressful experience so far, but I also have a lot of hope that the news segment will turn out well and be pretty fun.

My plan for my news segment is to do a short piece on a section of the MKT recreational trail that runs through Columbia, and the people who use it. I plan on setting up by a certain trailhead, collecting some b-roll and natsound, and hopefully finding at least two people willing to provide me with at least a basic interview. That’s my plan for friday. If for whatever reason I’m not able to get enough footage, my backup plan is to head to the Columbia Farmers’ Market on saturday. There I hope to be able to talk to some vendors or at least some customers about the market, all while getting some awesome shots and audio of the hustle and bustle of the market.

If this project goes anything like my 5 Shot Sequence did, I think it ought to turn out just fine. I have a little bit higher of a comfort level with the camcorders now and I think that I’ll be able to apply the knowledge I’ve gained since then to make a better piece this time around. In general, I feel a little apprehensive about the TV News video, but I think it will turn out fine if I put in a decent amount of work this weekend.


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