5 Shot Sequence Reflection

For my 5 shot sequence, I filmed a buddy of mine fishing at a little creek near my apartment south of Columbia. Overall it was a pretty pleasant experience, the weather was perfect for shooting and I felt like I was able to get the hang of the camcorder pretty quickly. I’m happy with my shots and came away with a lot of good material, but there are definitely areas I could have improved on.

One of the things that I think I did pretty well were finding unique angles for the shots. The area’s landscape was was pretty conducive to getting close to my friend, getting far away, or anywhere in between, so I was able to get a good variety of clips. The creek was great for B-roll too because of the movement of the water and the ‘golden hour’ (5 PM or so) sunlight coming off of the surface. Other things I liked about the environment I was shooting in was all of the natural sound I was getting off the water and the surrounding woods, the wildlife in the area like fish and squirrels, and the secluded nature of the spot.

However, there are a couple of areas in my video that I feel came up sort. First of all, I had a really difficult time getting soundbites. There’s a few reasons for this, one, I screwed up with the mic on one important shot (where my friend is talking about the type of fish he caught) and so I lost out on some cool quotes. Another reason I had difficulty getting soundbites was that my subject kept trailing off during the interview, and so eventually I started to prompt him with questions. This meant that I was forced to selectively edit out my voice to get quality unbroken soundbites. Because of this, I didn’t have very many strong soundbites to work with, and even though I had a LOT of great B-roll of the area, I just wasn’t able to include it all because there was only so much audio to go around. So even though I ended up with about 25-30 minutes of raw footage, I was only able to put together a one minute video.

I do think that after doing this and seeing the whole editing process, I’ll be more in tune with the sorts of shots and audio I need to be getting in the field to really flesh out my videos. As a whole I really enjoyed the experience and think I’ll be better prepared shooting video going forward.

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