An uncomfortable and slightly frustrating bind… but the light is at the end of the tunnel

Finally, almost two weeks after I began writing a story about CoMo’s new hookah bar, we are going to get pictures tonight and it should hopefully run this weekend!

I say finally because a couple of things have held up its publishing that are no one’s fault, but slightly frustrating nonetheless, because I’m super excited about the story and want it out there.

Thinking I would be expediting the process, I sent a message in the photo Slack around this time last week asking if anyone wanted to shoot the photos for the hookah bar story that evening. I offered to do it myself if no one could, hoping that would speed things up. But alas, since they had no one to shoot and wanted good photos, they pushed the pub date back! I had achieved the opposite of what I set out to do… and the article had already been sitting for awhile… and the lounge is usually only busy close to weekends, which meant it’d likely have to sit in Blox for close to another week.

BUT- perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, because let’s be honest, having a someone who knows what they’re doing behind the camera is surely gonna net some better photos than if I had been.

And it follows that having some extra time to talk about the story with you Scott is made it a much stronger piece. I really like the sidebar idea for the facts, and going to get a few extra scene interviews tonight ought to really flesh the thing out.

Additionally… There’s been a little bit (emphasis on little, not a huge deal, but worth mentioning) of an uncomfortable situation with one of my sources. The owner of the hookah bar is a super nice, friendly accommodating guy.

He has not put any pressure on me at all, this is entirely coming from me, but I just feel bad that it’s taken awhile to get it published, and that I’ve flaked on him once or twice on photo coming out there. He just really wants to portray the lounge in an awesome way, and I do as well, it’s just an awkward line to toe where you have to be friendly with a source but not TOO friendly so as to have an overt bias…

Anyway, super stoked for the story and the photos.

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