correction on my story

I clicked on my story from earlier in the day about the Heart of America Marathon, and a little box containing a correction was posted at the head of the page. Not a great feeling, especially considering how happy I was with the story.

The error was a pretty simple one to make in retrospect but I guess hindsight will always be 20/20. What really makes me uncomfortable is that I felt so sure that I had gone through and checked everything twice, three times at least, that there was no chance I would make any mistakes. So having that confidence in yourself and then having that be shaken is a bit of a bummer.

Of course, I know this is a learning experience and not the end of the world. But it still feels like a stain on my record and nags at my credibility. Going forward I’ll just have to remember this pit-in-my-stomach feeling as a reminder.

At least, I believe, and hope, that the source probably figured I didn’t intend any harm.

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