sketching a skatepark: Finding a narrative around the park’s opening

When I set out to research and report a story about the opening of a new skatepark in Douglass Park, I had a problem that’s a good one for any reporter to have: there was a wealth of interesting storylines and people surrounding that I could tap into.

I knew that I wanted to portray the park’s impact on the community (giving people a nearby place to skate safely and hang out) and the fact that so many different skaters are affected positively by it.

So I tried a sort of “tapestry” approach to the narrative. I tried to collect a few different casual interviews, and visited the park at different times of day to capture a better mental image. With these smaller bits of information (stories, anecdotes and observations garnered from seeing and talking to different skaters throughout the day) I felt like I was able to start to piece together a story representative of the many different people who use the skatepark. By combining bits and fragments from each encounter, I created an overarching story bigger than the story of any one visitor.

The sum is greater than the parts! I’m very proud of the story so far and I look forward to editing it and getting some feedback.


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