Humans of Columbia

For this project, I visited an acquaintance of mine at his apartment south of Columbia. Although I had met one of my subjects before, I had never been to this part of Columbia or met his roommates. I shot around and had a few discussions that I thought could make good stories:

Bedo 2.jpg

Alex Escobedo is a sophomore at MU, originally from north Illinois. He has a large family at home and abroad, but he feels closest to his mother’s side who lives in Puerto Rico. He also has relatives in Mexico and throughout the US. 

Escobedo feels that in the modern United States, hispanic society can be affected by a struggle to balance their own culture with that of the United States. Finding this balance, he says, is a problem that may hinder hispanics in assimilating into the American public.

jeremy 2.jpg

Jeremy Johnson is a sophomore at MU. In his free time, he enjoys taking photos, lounging in his hammock, grilling, and partying.

Johnson started taking photos during his sophomore year of high school. He was moved to try photography by the passing of a friend who enjoyed taking photos, and the encouragement of a good teacher. Johnson said that taking photos lets him “relieve stress and express himself in a different way.”

Logan 2.jpg

Logan Galloway is a sophomore at MU and a native Columbian. Growing up here, it was easy for him to choose Mizzou, as he has been a Tiger fan since the day he was born.

Today, Galloway feels somewhat disappointed about the way that the school has “lost some traditions,” particularly with respect to athletics. Galloway feels that new students may not quite understand the school’s rich football history, and reminisces about Big 12 glory and Mizzou’s days as a power program.

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